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Custom Design

Atlantic supplies major OEMs across the world.  Over 70% of our business comes from bespoke designs produced in collaboration with our customers’ engineering departments.

From a functional specification, from detailed drawings, or from a description of how you want the machine to perform, Atlantic engineers can create valves and manifolds to meet your requirements.


All our products are designed on SolidWorks  3D CAD, so models can be shared with customers for easy integration into the complete machine.  FEA is used for flow and stress analysis; we have test rigs for high flow, high pressure and endurance testing.

For usage of over 200 pieces per year, an Atlantic bespoke design can offer benefits of space, ease of installation, reduction of hoses, fittings and leak points, and significant cost savings.

Contact us to discuss your needs. Atlantic has the experience, the knowledge and the capability to make your machines perform as your customers demand.