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Atlantic Fluid Tech’s top priority is product quality. All designs are produced on SolidWorks 3D CAD and checked using SolidWorks stress and flow analysis software.


Our in house metrology lab is equipped to test component parts (initial sample or complete batch) for dimensional conformity; hardness; surface finish; roundness; concentricity.  We also check for spring force and rate; solenoid coil and tube force, and magnetic properties.

Cutting tools are made in house, tested by the quality department for sharpness and correct profile.




To validate new designs we have test rigs for flow up to 1800 lpm; pressure to 1200 bar; cycling rig to test endurance. 
Mean time to failure MTTF / MTTFd / β10 calculations can be provided using Minitab software

All finished valves are hydraulically function tested, drained of oil and immediately shrink wrapped to exclude contamination.  Hydraulic test bench oil is automatically monitored and conditioned to maintain NAS 6, ISO 17/15/12 cleanliness level.

Atlantic Fluid Tech Srl is an ISO 9001 registered company.